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Following Your Client

This three half-day online coaching class (in English) is designed to give the coach the extra tools and knowledge for power and safety needed 'when the going gets tough' in the coaching conversations. The game is helping the coachee to find the perfect questions to find his/her perfect answers.


The Masterclass «The art & science of following your client, without losing yourself» teaches you to keep your client on the dancefloor especially when the magic of resistance shows up. Instead of exhausting yourself in difficult conversations, you learn how to keep the energy flowing and enjoying being a coach, making coaching a safe place for both coachee and coach.

The one and only neuroscience-based 'FollowTheClient® | Navigator', a one page map, is used in note-taking to assist you in holding a safe space for both yourself and the client. Knowing how the brain works makes it easier to ask the right questions at the right time. The Navigator supports following the client by taking some pressure off the coach by bridge the gap between our slower mental thinking systems and our faster body thinking systems. Your clients succeed in getting emotional ownership of key results.

Note-taking with the Navigator is according to how your brain and body thinking systems commonly cooperate and dance with each other during the coaching or meeting facilitation.

Online classes:

Cost 1-day class (3 hours): 1890 kroner (approx. 181 euro) no VAT

Cost 2-day class (2x3 hours): 3900 kroner (approx. 363 euro) no VAT

Cost 3-day class (3x3 hours): 5400 kroner (approx. 495 euro) no VAT

Introductory video

Here you find a link to an introductory for the new neuroscience-based note-taking method with the 1 page Navigator by Follow The Client®.

Testemonials and references from MCC-certified coaches who were coached 6 hours by Jan Georg Kristiansen

Kathleen: "Jan demonstrates MCC Coaching at its best. He comes to the meeting as a learner, helping the client to uncover their own learning that best meets where they want to go.

Joanna: " I loved the visual and verbal feedback both during and after the session. I always got a copy of the coaching notes, complete with drawings and notes. I found it to be quite delightful! Additionally, Jan Georg is excellent at picking up nuances that hold answers I would have missed."

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Program Overview

Demonstrating how PCC and MCC level coaching and mentoring can be made easier, we introduce the worlds first neuroscience-based note taking tool, the one page 'FollowTheClient® | Navigator'. It allows you to follow your client and «dancing with your client» becomes easy in mentoring, coaching and teamcoaching as it is useful in all breakthrough meetings and negotiations you do as a consultant, leader or mentor. 

(9 hours synchronous learning)

DAY 1 Work-shop tools & knowledge (group & pairs) - 3 hours

    • Demonstrate, teach and exercise the basics of the worlds first applied neuroscience-based note taking tool the Navigator
    • Distinctions follow the client at ACC, PCC and MCC levels

DAY 2 Mentor coaching (group & individual) - 3 hours

    • prepares you to pass ICF certification levels PCC or MCC
    • Mentorcoaching of two PCC or MCC applicant 30 minutes coaching sessions

DAY 3 Mentor coaching (group & individual) - 3 hours

    • prepares you to pass ICF certification levels PCC or MCC
    • Mentorcoaching of two PCC or MCC applicant 30 minutes coaching sessions

SELF STUDY In advance; study two 45 minutes videos. After; three weeks in small exercise groups (2+6 hours asyncronous learning)

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